How To Donate Building Materials

by Carlos Ramirez August 09, 2019

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What do you do with the existing fixtures that are not at the end of their useful lives? Donate them

By donating you’ll also be saving on demo costs, you’ll be helping out the planet, and you could potentially save thousands on your taxes!

How To Donate Building Materials

Step One

Take a look at the materials you want to donate. Ask yourself: “Are these things still desirable or useful to someone else?” Inspect the items. Make sure everything is intact and in proper working order. To use kitchen cabinets as an example, check the condition of the boxes, drawers, hardware, and any other additional pieces. Once you’ve made sure most everything is in very good condition, create a donation list and take pictures of what you want to donate. Include pictures of drawers, inside of cabinets and any features like lazy susans or built-in spice racks. Also, include pictures of any blemishes or imperfections. 

Find The Right Deconstruction Contractor


Step Two

Find a qualified deconstruction contractor. Explain what you want to have removed. They will be able to provide you with a bid to carefully uninstall everything from your cabinets, countertops, and appliances down to your windows, doors and even framing lumber. Ask if they will include hauling and delivery of the materials to the nonprofit donation center. If not, make sure they check with the appraiser and/or charity to confirm that all items on the deconstruction list will be accepted as part of the donation. Places like Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Father Joe’s Village can be good donation resources.

If you are in Southern California, we, ReFind Kitchens, provide deconstruction and green demolition services. If we can’t do it for free, we will provide a bid to complete the scope of work.


 Step 3

Get an appraisal proposal. With a typical donation receipt from Habitat for Humanity or the like, you can deduct up to $5,000 from your taxes. You decide the fair market value of the donation. If you want to deduct more than $5,000 from your tax liability, you need an IRS-approved building materials appraisal and a signed 8283 form from the recipient charity. 

Your deconstruction contractor should be able to connect you with a qualified appraiser. Be careful: Home Appraisals and Building Materials Appraisals are two different things. Because the donated materials are tax-deductible, building materials appraisers must be IRS-certified. 

We work with Property Pros Appraisers. Before you have to pay for anything, they will provide a proposal that lists the price of the appraisal and an estimated valuation range for the donation. That way you can do the math and see if it pencils for you. 


How To Donate Building Materials

Step 4

Pull the trigger and get your project started!


How To Donate Building Materials

Step 5

Sit back, find something else to worry about, and don’t forget your receipt.

Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez


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