A Message from Our Founders


It is with a very heavy heart that we closed our doors in March 2022. In spite of our incredible team, we were unable to make the sales necessary to sustain our overhead in 2021.

We are hopeful that as regulations align with our environmental reality, deconstruction and building materials reuse will become a mainstream part of California interior design. As we await that zeitgeist evolution, we are open to meeting with anyone who wants to be a good steward of the planet when building or designing. For ReFind in particular to build back stronger we specifically we need two things:

  1. A contractor interested in operating an independent deconstruction business. We have the leads and can provide the training.
  2. A marketing/PR wiz to mainstream zero-waste/circular economy within the interior design community.

If you are either of these people or know them, please reach out!

Before I sign off, I would like to remember how much we've accomplished. Hand-in-hand with our donors, industry partners and customers we were able to divert over 1,000,000 lbs of building materials from landfill (over 500 MTCO2e).

Thanks to our dynamo design team, Juliann Berens and Rochelle Talwar, we also designed over one hundred kitchens and baths using ReFind materials. *See some of their amazing work in our project gallery!

Thanks to Carlos, our one-man sales team, we contributed to a countless number of other projects around the county and country. Please continue to keep reused materials in mind for your projects! Habitat for Humanity ReStores, Architectural Salvage, Builders Trading Company, and secondary markets (e.g. Craigslist and OfferUp) remain local resources for building materials looking for their second life.

We look forward to being of service again. Until then, we wish you all the best.

David + Juliann