Buying Process

Cabinet sets over $5000
  1. Find a set of cabinets you love.
  2. Get the gut check of one of our designers. They'll let you know if it's possible to make the set work for you space.  
  3. Put down a $500 nonrefundable deposit to hold the cabinets while we start the layout and configuration process. At this time we will require a site visit or precise dimensions and photos of your space.
  4. The layout will be turned around in 5-7 days, possibly longer if a site measure is required.
  5. We will schedule a cabinet layout presentation with you within 10 business days. The presentation will include an itemized quote (the price of the cabinet set, the cost of required modifications and refinishing, and install from one of our recommended installers). When needed, we will investigate building new matching cabinets to complete your design. We do not make any promise or guarantee that we will be able to do so. We charge a 20% coordination fee for administering modifications, the production of the new cabinets and installation. It will be listed as a line item on your quote. You always have the option to find your own cabinetmaker and/or installer if you'd prefer.
    • Cabinets that do not have integrated bases will require new bases to be built. This cost is NOT included in the original purchase price of your cabinets. It is part of the installation cost.
    • Toe kick skins when included with your purchase were cut to fit the original kitchen configuration and frequently cannot be repurposed into the new kitchen design. The cost for new toes kick skins is NOT included in the purchase price of your cabinets. It is part of the required refinishing costs.
  6. After the presentation, the cabinets will be held for additional 3 business days. At which point, they need to be purchased or will be released for sale to another client. If you purchase, the $500 deposit will be credited towards your purchase.
  7. After purchase, you will receive a cabinet layout and elevation drawings for your approval and signature. We will provide one revision to the layout at no additional cost. If you want to make more changes they will be billed at our design rate of $175/hr.
  8. After you've approved the final layout, comprehensive installation documents will be completed in approximately 10-14 business days.
  9. Curbside delivery to job sites in San Diego County is $200. However, you must schedule delivery within 4 weeks from the date of purchase. After four weeks, we will move the cabinets to an off-site self storage facility and you will be responsible for paying their fees.
    • If your job site is outside of San Diego County, we can coordinate crating and shipping via LTL or FTL freight on your behalf. We are not liable for damage done during transport. 
    • If your job site is outside of San Diego County, you are required to supply your own packing materials (e.g. edge protectors, ramboard, ratchet straps and blankets). Packing supplies can be purchased from us.

    We do not accept returns or provide refunds on cabinet sets; however, if you receive an item that has major defects not disclosed in the listing or the description in the listing was very inaccurate in important ways compared to the actual item, please contact immediately, and we will attempt to help you resolve the issue. If you do not contact us immediately upon receipt of the item, you will be deemed to have accepted the item.
  11. Any new cabinets that are part of your design, will be delivered to the job site in accordance with the contract terms.
    • We do not refinish cabinets in advance of installation. Finish flaws and blemishes should be touched up after installation.
Items less than $5,000
  1. Find what you are after online or in-store.
  2. All sales are final. Appliances can be viewed and tested before purchase in our warehouse.
  3. We do not offer price adjustments for items discounted after purchase.
  4. Design services can be purchased a la carte, but are not included.
  5. Stone can be rough cut to your dimensions in-store for $75 per cut. We do not offer stone fabrication or installation services. 
  6. We will store the item(s) for up to one week at no charge.
  7. If delivery or pick-up of the items(s) has not occurred after 7 days, we will charge storage fees of $800/mo for cabinet sets and $100/week for all other items. Delivery is not included in the price of the item.
  8.  We cannot offer price adjustments for pre-purchased items.