Deconstruction Lead

Demolitions clear a site of its building materials by the most expedient means. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it creates millions of tons of waste across the US each year. Deconstruction, on the other hand, is the careful disassembly and removal of building material for the intention of reuse, repurposing, and recycling. The goal of deconstruction and our company’s guiding principle is to divert as much material from landfill as possible.

 Where you come in:

As a Deconstruction Lead, you'll master the craft of our building material removal process and oversee its implementation in the field. In the absence of the Deconstruction Supervisor, you are the project point person. You will need to liaison with our clients, effectively communicate project scope to the rest of the crew, monitor work quality and safety throughout the project, and adhere to the project schedule/scope. You are personally responsible for picking up and dropping off our truck rentals, driving our dump trailer, performing material deliveries and drop-offs, and for developing relationships with our rental vendors and donation partners.

We work on roughly 1- 2 deconstructions a week at different locations throughout San Diego and Orange Counties and spend 1-2 days a week at the warehouse processing inventory (cleaning, repairing, palletizing) and performing deliveries.

While our primary focus is on finish deconstruction (removing appliances, cabinetry, millwork, and flooring) we will occasionally take on full-structure deconstructions as training opportunities to teach the removal of pre-finish and structural material: drywall, insulation, subfloor, studs and roofs. Sometimes it’s hard and heavy; most of the time it is thoughtful and strategic. As more and more states are mandating deconstruction, deconstruction workers are being sought after for their unique skillset. This is a great opportunity to master a burgeoning trade.

Interested applicants need not have deconstruction experience, but are expected to have construction experience, a solid understanding of plumbing and electrical, and have demonstrated leadership potential in previous positions. The Deconstruction Lead receives specialized deconstruction training with extra support from management.

What we offer:

- Deconstruction training program and extra support

- Starting wage of $20/hr

- Medical and/or Dental insurance benefits package at 9 months

- Quarterly, merit-based bonus schedule

- Opportunity for Advancement


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Warehouse Lead (Part Time)

Refind Kitchens is a family-owned deconstruction and design company specializing in the full-cycle reuse of building materials. We are also a luxury reuse kitchen and bath retail store.

We are the most environmentally sustainable remodel in Southern California and here’s how we do it:

Our deconstruction crew carefully pulls high-end kitchens and baths from remodeling projects that would otherwise landfill them and our design team designs them into their new homes. Whatever we can’t take ourselves, we place with our building material reuse and recycling partners.

Where you come in:

We are currently running an 8,000 sq ft warehouse with inventory (kitchen cabinet sets, bathroom vanities, sinks, faucets, appliances and lighting) turning over pretty quickly. As Warehouse Lead, you are responsible for the Warehouse side of the business: the inventory, the Warehouse facilities, and our tools and equipment. As inventory comes in from our deconstructions, we need you to clean, process and palletize it. When inventory is ready to go out to its new home, we need you to prepare it for shipment or delivery. When we have a deconstruction scheduled, we need you to make sure the truck is prepared with the appropriate tools for the job.

If you’re not afraid of heavy machinery and heavy lifting, like working with a great team of people who care about the environment, and can treat the warehouse like an extension of your own home, then we want you! 

What we offer:

- Starting wage of $19/hr

- Opportunity for advancement

- Quarterly, merit-based bonus schedule

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