It's as good as gone

Donate directly to us and your old kitchen will be deconstructed (i.e. uninstalled and removed) for free. Because we work with your general contractor, the removal will be done on your schedule and will be completed in less than 3 days. We will send 5% of the sale to the charity of your choice OR purchase the materials from you directly.


Deconstruction doesn't cost you a penny extra.
Deconstruction produces less dust and debris keeping your house cleaner during remodeling.
Your old kitchen is kept out of the waste stream and in the home of someone who will love it.
You can give back to the charity closest to your heart or keep a little more money in your pocket.


Deconstruction is generally accomplished within one and half days. However, it can take up to three days depending on the complexity of the uninstallation. By comparison, demolition is almost always done in less than one day. 

Moving boxes in an empty room