Green Demolition

Donation Overview 


From galley kitchens to complete houses, we do green demos (a.k.a. deconstructions) of all sizes. Regardless of the project, we believe in a big box truck and a small dump trailer. That is to say, we minimize the amount of waste headed to landfill to what is absolutely necessary.

When done correctly, our green demo process can achieve landfill diversion rates of over 90% for discarded building materials. This comes from working in close partnership with local nonprofits, recyclers, and appraisers. You can find out more at

How Long?

The best part is that we take little more time than a traditional "demo and dump." For a large kitchen, demolition traditionally takes one day. Our deconstruction takes two days—one day to uninstall, one day to pack the truck. For larger projects, such as a complete guts-to-studs, we take about 15-20% longer than traditional demo (e.g for a 20 day job, we would require 24 days).

Considering that in this time we can save tens of thousands of pounds of building materials for reuse, we hope you agree the extra few days are worth it. 

How Much?

Depending on what items are donated, we charge on a sliding scale for our service. Our average kitchen deconstruction costs about $2,400. However, for high-end kitchens and baths, our fee can go all the way down to zero.

As the deconstruction partner for San Diego Habitat for Humanity, all donated items are tax-deductible. Donors often find that the tax savings offset most or all of the costs to salvage the reusable material. In this way, a significant portion of green demolition is done at no cost to you, making it often less expensive than a traditional demo.