Artika Embossed Lacquered Totora



The original curved kitchen. An Italian kitchen design classic that has already been copied by several European kitchen companies. Artika is characterized by the curved base, pantry, and wall cabinets, in addition to a radius edge detail on both the top and bottom of front panels. Opening of the handless fronts is accomplished via a continuous horizontal aluminum “L” profile. 

The Pedini innovation of drawers in the curved units maintains the uncompromising functionality of this kitchen.

Artika is available in matte or high gloss cherry as well as matte, textured, and high gloss lacquer in any color.

Tall Units 85.5" high x 62.25" Wide
Base Cabinets 17.7" Base
25" D x 34.5" H
24" Dishwasher door
46" x 46" Curved 2 base drawer
23.6" x 23.6" Half Curved Base
Wall Cabinets 27.7" High x 86.25" Wide
Total Dimension 124" x 95"

For more measurements and info please see attachments.

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