Bosch 24" Benchmark Series Dishwasher



This dishwasher is no longer needed after a change in ownership. The clean design with integrated controls combined with the ultra-quiet 40 dBA performance will make you forget that you're doing dishes at all. Were in not for the red LED indicator light you wouldn't even know it's running. Features include stainless steel interior, integrated controls, and 30% more loading capacity with a third-row cutlery rack.

Bosch is known as a creator in the home appliance industry. Engineers at Bosch develop a product by finding challenges faced by home cooks and creating solutions for them. Trust, commitment to sustainability, and a spirit of inquiry set Bosch apart from its competition.

Retail Price $2,099
Our Price $475
Model Number SHX8PT55UC
Mfg 04/15
dBA 40 dBA
Number of Place Settings 16
Number of Programs 6
Total Width 23 9/16"
Total Height 33 7/8"
Total Depth 23 3/4"

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Collections: Appliances, Dishwashers