Columbia Cherry Chestnut

Columbia Cabinets


The showroom is downsizing to a design studio. As a result, all of the displays and floor models are available for sale. We would be happy to configure these cabinets into your space. In most cases, we can order more cabinets from Columbia or build custom cabinets as needed here in San Diego to complete the design.

For almost 50 years Columbia has been known for making cabinets that have a strong sense of craftsmanship, style, and enduring quality. These traditional cabinets are assembled in British Columbia by craftsmen that have over 20 years of experience. The modern storage, organizational features, and functionality are all hidden behind a classic and elegant design. Features include multiple built-ins and display cases. 

Retail Price $41,300
Our Price $3,800
Features Display Cases (2)
Waste Basket Pull Out
Pull Out Drawers
Pull Out Cutting Boards
Built-In Spice Drawer Insets
Built-In Spice Storage Drawer