Downsview Garnet


  • Downsview kitchens have represented the pinnacle of Canadian craftsmanship for decades. Of the many famous Ontario cabinetmakers, Downsview is the one you'll see in Azure and Architectural Digest. This kitchen is no exception. There are drawers and rollouts everywhere. All doors and drawers are all soft close. The casework is plywood on steel legs. For most European frameless cabinets you'll find plastic legs that are prone to cracking over time, steel legs will really make your cabinets timeless. 

    Considering your layout is likely quite different for what you see here, we are more than happy to design these cabinets for your home. 
  • Soft Close Doors and Drawers
    Plywood Boxes
    Steel Legs
    Many Drawers and Rollouts
    Lazy Susan 
    Spice Cabinet
    Wine Rack
    Appliance Garage
  • This kitchen was loved by its first owners in the hills over the La Jolla Shore. In preparation for a new phase of life, they are remodeling, making this kitchen available to be loved by a new family. 

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