EKO Laminate Cabinets and Cachemire Box


The showroom is making room for new models. As a result, all of the displays and floor models are available for sale. We would be happy to tour you through and help design the cabinets into your space. In most cases, we can order more cabinets from Pedini or build custom cabinets as needed here in San Diego to complete the design.

The Eko line is a perfect example of integration, whether intended as the ability to establish a correlation between the furnishing elements in the same space or as the desire to connect different areas of the house by designing “open space” furniture. A fair balance between spontaneity and originality that makes the free development of ideas possible, thanks to the versatility of environmentally friendly materials and to the ability to choose between “minimal” solutions making use of doors with or without a handle.

The Eko kitchens are designed to give freedom of interpretation, according to the culture and the environment of those who live it, to feel at home anywhere.

Cabinet Finish Stone Oak Laminate and 37718 AT Cashmere Interior
Total Cabinets 100.3" wide x 23" deep
Countertop 100" x 58" Dekton Keyla
Cachemire Box Cachemire Cemento

Please see attachments for more details.


Collections: Kitchens, Modern

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