Poggenpohl Walnut


  • This kitchen came from a Coronado vacation condo. After a change of ownership, the new owner decided to remodel making this kitchen available. All of the veneered doors and drawers are seamlessly bookmatched. The doors and drawers are all soft close. Pantry units include soft-close rollout shelves. Four compartment trash, recycle, and compost waste system is included as well.

    These cabinets could be seamlessly incorporated into a gorgeous Midcentury, English Industrial or Contemporary Farmhouse kitchen design. Ask our designer about her vision!

    Before purchasing we will render the cabinets into your space and provide you with a quote to build the cabinet boxes and install the cabinets as rendered. If we need to build any matching new cabinets to complete the design, the cost will be listed on the quote. Beyond cabinets, we offer a full suite of design services as well.

    All appliances are sold.

    ***When attempting to disassemble the kitchen we realized that the cases (a.k.a. the cabinet boxes) were glued to each other, to the wall and to the floor. We were unable to remove the boxes. The good thing is most of the cost in luxury cabinets is in the doors, drawers and interior hardware–all of which we have. The price listed is our estimate of the final cost to you, including rebuilding the cabinets out of 3/4" plywood. It may be more or less depending on the size of kitchen you have. The cost for all materials and hardware excluding rebuilding the cabinet boxes would be $11,900. There are lots of walnut veneered panels that can be used to built out additional cabinets or wall paneling for other rooms.
  • Features
    Soft Close  Yes
    Trash/Recycle Rollout Yes
    Rollout Pantry Shelves Yes
    Glass Display Case Yes
    Bookmatched Veneer Yes

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