Rustic Spanish Colonial


  • From what I remember of ecclesiastical history, churches for the last number of centuries have generally been constructed in the shape of the cross. This kitchen is reminiscent of the pulpit and altar at the head of the cross in an ageless Spanish parroquia.

    All lines lead the eye to the hearth. It is an exaltation of cooking. The central island is the pulpit from which nourishment is laid plain for the masses to see, smell and taste. As is always the case, the cabinets can be reconfigured for many, many layouts, but I think the elevated spirit is worth carrying on. 

    The finish on the doors, drawers, panels and corbels is made to look stately and weathered without the warping or creaking that would traditionally accompany age. This finishes brings a calm and settled feeling to the room. 

    This may be a perfect opportunity for a WWJD (What Would Juliann Do) as you mull over how these cabinets could glorify your space. 
  • Soft Close Doors and Drawers No (Can be very easily upgraded)
    Ceiling Height
    Lazy Susan No
    Tray Storage Yes
    Glass Display Cabinet Yes
    Sinks and Faucets Included Yes
    Appliances Included No
  • From the exclusive Rancho Santa Fe country club community: The Bridges.