Sub-Zero 36" Built-In Refrigerator Freezer



The owners of this dishwasher decided to remodel their kitchen and it is in need of a new home. Features in this dishwasher include a stainless steel interior, a low noise system, and a triple filter system.

Sub-Zero combines innovation and timeless design to produce refrigeration systems that make any kitchen look like a custom kitchen. Sub-Zero products incorporate technology inspired by NASA to reduce food spoilage, extending the life of fresh produce. The doors on the refrigerator feature a special seal that allows food to stay fresh for days, even after a power outage. Sub-Zero craftsmanship has won fans all over the world including Frank Lloyd Wright, who commissioned several pieces for his projects.

Retail Price $6,200
Our Price $650
Model Number 650
Mfg Date 07/03
Bottom Mount Freezer
Refrigerator Capacity Is 15.7 cu ft 
Freezer Capacity Is 4.9 cu ft
Front Ventellation
Crescent Shaped Ice Maker
Total Height 84"
Total Depth 24"
Total Width 36"

Collections: Appliances, Refrigeration