Vintage Steel Kitchen Cabinetry - 1957 Youngstown - Chevron Pulls



This kitchen is an incredibly rare find. We have ALL of the cabinetry (20+ boxes, including two laundry room boxes) from an original 200 sq. ft. Youngstown kitchen installed in 1957 in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Read the blog post on this treasure for pictures of the original plans and specs.

For its time, this was the crown jewel of kitchens. With three lazy susans, an in-cabinet towel rack, and built-in flour sifter, this kitchen had all of the modern bells and whistles from one of the "Big Three" brands in metal cabinetry. If you are a dedicated fan of Mid-Century Modern design, you will know that to this day the chevron pulls that adorn these cabinets are highly sought after. 

If you love this period and are looking to do a retro update on your kitchen, these are the cabinets for you. You won't have to spend years cobbling together a full set of mid-century cabinets from different manufacturers; and you won't have to settle for a subpar replica. In this case, it's practically plug-and-play.

If you'd prefer to have them in their existing condition, we would accept an offer of $6,000.

Otherwise, you put down a deposit for the refinishing costs and we will refinish them to the color and gloss of your choosing. When the cabinets are finished to your specifications, you can inspect them and decide if you would like to continue with the purchase. If you are happy, we will deliver them right to your home for installation.

Let's do the Time Warp again! 

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