Youngstown - 1953 Vintage Steel


We are so happy to have another Youngstown kitchen available for sale! This time with a Diana sink base!

These cabinets have been lovingly cared for in Serra Mesa through two changes in ownership. They are original Mullins Manufacturing Corporation Youngstown cabinets from 1953. Along with Geneva and St. Charles, Youngstown was one of the "Big Three" names in the post-war cabinetry boom.

If you love this period and are looking to do a retro update on your kitchen, these are the cabinets for you. You won't have to spend years cobbling together a full set of mid-century cabinets from different manufacturers; and you won't have to settle for a subpar replica.

For longevity, we would recommend a sandblast and powder coat prior to installation (approx. $4,000 at RW Little, although there are shops that would do it for less). As always we are happy to help you design this little piece of history into your home.

***Apologies for the less than stellar photos

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