Wolf 1989 36" Six Burner Slide-In Range


  • This beautiful range is from when Wolf was still an independent commercial manufacturer. Each one of the burners will pump out 17,500 BTU when cranked all the way up. Not only is it a reliable workhorse in excellent condition, it is also a stunning statement piece. Like a vintage car, this range is meant to be cherished for the time machine that it is. If you'd prefer to pair it with a tile or stainless steel backsplash, the high splash guard and shelf are removable. Take this range home and you'll be cooking on it and talking about it for decades to come. 
  • See Manufacturer's Sticker
  • Removed from the home of Ballast Point's founder on Point Loma. A collector's piece for more reasons than one. 

Collections: Appliances, Ranges

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