Wolf 30" Induction Cooktop


  • If you aren't familiar with induction, it heats the pan by magnetic induction rather than thermal conduction. Meaning that an alternating current is sent through a copper coil in the cooktop creating magnetic flux which magnetizes the pan and, because of resistance, heats it. The result is little to no waste heat, less energy used and much faster cooking. Think of boiling a pot of water in 60 seconds.
  • Model Number
    Actual Width: 30 Inch
    Actual Depth: 21 Inch
    Actual Height: 3 1/2 Inch
    Cutout Width: 28 3/8 Inch
    Cutout Depth: 19 1/4 Inch
    Easy-to-clean black ceramic glass surface is resistant to scratching, staining, impact and heat
    Induction elements heat cookware, not the glass, for a cooler, safer cooking surface
    Four high-efficiency induction elements deliver power and control
    Maximum element power: (2) 1,800 Watts with 3,000 Watts boost and (2) 1,200 Watts
    True Simmer setting on two elements
    Melt setting on two elements
    Cookware sensing
    Elements will not be energized without an induction-compatible pan on the cooktop surface
    Hi-Power mode boosts power on 1,800 Watts elements by diverting power from adjacent element
  • The La Jolla showroom from which this cooktop was removed has moved to a different location in Bay Ho's designer district. As a result, this cooktop needs a new home. It was wired to power, but never used.

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